Clients in the construction market consistently benefit from the flexibility and leading designs of Kwikloc ceilings. Ranging from simple exposed grid to custom made mitred-top-hat ceilings, there is a Kwikloc package to suit your project.

Kwikloc Seismic: New  Standard

The Kwikloc Seismic Ceiling System is the ultimate solution. The system's unique design offers both Seismic movement and resists loads at the highest benchmarks. The system also offers a high hygiene function by maintaining a flat, even plane which ensures accurate and precise grid to tile interfacing.

Key Features of Studform's Kwikloc Seismic Ceilings:

  • Reduced Bracing: Engineered locking system allowing more space for services. (See KLSEI175 in first image)
  • Hygienic Tile Nesting: flat even plane allowing tiles exact contact with no ghosting. (See main-tee to cross-tee butt joint, no tile joggling)
  • Quick Installation: simple snap-in function providing positive joints.
  • Dual-acting Design: 2-way movement with retractable bracket & floating wall angle. (See expansion and compression drawings)
  • Support for Fixings: Fully tested with installed services (lights and A/C plenum) supported by the ceiling itself without the need for additional supports. (See Seismic test video below)

Studform Seismic Seismic  

The newRAH Design Team required an easy-to-install ceiling system that met stringent seismic and health requirements. The system should provide extensive accessibility (as is the case with grid and tile systems), reduce the typical extent of bracing (maximising the space for services) and provide a range of hygiene benefits to meet the stringent health requirements of this landmark facility.

Seismic Requirements
The Kwikloc Seismic aluminium ceiling grid systems have the structural capacity (up to 3g) to meet and exceed the loading requirements (newRAH 2.3g). The ceiling exceeded the limits of the test facility and only requires bracing for areas of 81sqm and greater.



The system has unique advantages through the ultimate seismic ceiling design. The wall bracket system facilitates fixing one side wall and floating on the opposite side wall of both plane directions in a ceiling installation (see guide), as required by engineers and recommended by DPTI and acknowledged on the international scene as best practice.

The use of a patented two part wall angle system and sliding bracket assembly provides the unique feature of maintaining a flat, even plane for accurate tile nesting throughout the entire installation. This is particularly important in health projects, e.g. hospitals, medical centres and laboratories where hygiene standards are very important.

Studform can provide seismic compliant specifications for their ceilings, toilet partitions and aluminium partition suites, and can provide ‘seismic compliance’ engineering support for your next project.



Please contact us today on 1800 352 366 to discuss your Seismic requirements. 


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