Mayfair Hotel, Adelaide, SA

Schiavello approached Studform to design the perfect door solution for their heritage hotel.

The doors had to look great for guests, match the existing look of the hotel and provide acoustically sound doors for a Heritage-listed Hotel.

Project Details

Building: Heritage Listed Hotel
Address: Corner of King William & Hindley St, Adelaide
Brief: Deliver the perfect door solution for a heritage building


The Mayfair hotel wanted the design boundaries pushed, avoiding the standard flush panel fire doors of other hotels.


Studform was included in the design stage to assist with the specification. Being an existing building, floor heights varied from room to room and presented new challenges. Prototyping of decorative design worked to ensure consistency of design and height throughout the building, and acoustic testing of the design addressed the client’s needs.


The design result was a routered pattern-faced door and acoustically rated. Sonus tested the doors to ensure they met the required RW/STC ratings.

Following an early test on our interconnecting doors we didn’t reach the required acoustic performance. The challenge was to improve its performance in this location which we achieved in the next schedule test by Sonus.

Client Feedback

“A sharp, solid and ‘Acoustically Sound’ bedroom door: Perfect” - P Vukajlovic, Senior Project Manager

To learn more about the Mayfair Hotel project and view the amazing architecture, click here to read about it in SA Builder Magazine (pages 55-58).

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