The Accoulite range of high performance commercial doors by Studform are specifically designed to offer a low weight and high acoustic barrier to meet critical project design requirements.

This range was developed in consultation with the market to deliver a product which is lightweight, flexible in size and finishes, and offers an outstanding acoustic barrier between work areas.

Each door is constructed with care from a composite core which includes hi tech acoustic insulating mediums. The door is then laminated with a selected veneer to suit your project requirements

Acoulite Plus

Constructed as the Acoulite door, but with an extra layer of metal behind each face. To deliver outstanding resistance to sound specify Acoulite Plus

Acoustic testing

Acoulite doors by Studform are designed and manufactured to meet demanding acoustic performance criteria. Over the years extensive independent testing has been undertaken to ensure compliance with the markets requirements.

Test certificates available on request.

Acoulite - quiet by design.

Architectural Specifications